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iTango HO


Agility and safety with iTango: Doohan's new dual front-wheel e-scooter. The roll-lock system, coupled with LG and Panasonic batteries make iTango a bundle of technology and practicality, encased in an innovative design perfect for everyday commuting.

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Battery: 1 battery
Battery capacity: 26Ah
Battery charging time: 5,5 h
Battery life (up to): 70 km
Battery type: Lithium-Ion 18650
Battery voltage: 48V
Battery weight: 10kg
Brake (front/rear): 3 hydraulic brakes
Brand: Doohan
Dashboard: LCD
Engine: BOSCH
Fuel type: Electric
Max speed: 45 km/h
Pace: 1150mm
Power: 1200 w
Saddle height: 740mm
Suspension: DDWT-S, Entirely aluminum/alloy rear fork
Torque: 115 Nm
Turn signal: Front; Rear
Type of lighting: LED

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