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Super Soco

F01 45 km/h


F01: The perfect mix of modern style and unique color variety. From B2B vehicle to preferred choice of the general public. Technical innovations optimized for maximum comfort, safety and ease of driving in urban areas, even for driving novices.

€ 4.041,00 € 4.490,00

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Brand: Super Soco
Saddle height: 855 mm
Battery life (up to): 80 km
Battery: 1 battery
Battery capacity: 45 Ah o 32 Ah
Tyre dimensions: Ant. 90/80-16 | Post. 90/90-14
Turn signal: Front; Rear
Brake (front/rear): CBS
Engine: VMoto
Pace: 1327 mm
Total weight: 110 kg (60 V/45 Ah Battery) 106 kg (60V/32 Ah Battery)
Power: 2400 W
Reverse gear: Yes
Suspension: Hydraulic Damping System (HDS)
Battery charging time: 6 h
Battery voltage: "60 V - 45 Ah 60 V - 32 Ah"
Battery type: Polymer lithium battery
Max speed: 45 km/h

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