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iTank 50 cc


DOOHAN ITANK is a 3-wheel electric moped ideal for the city, stable and safe, very comfortable and spacious even for 2 people. It has a brushless motor in the rear wheel, powered by two removable batteries. They can be recharged in the vehicle, or pulled out and recharged conveniently at home with the household outlet, charging from 0 to 100% takes about 6 hours. The range can reach over 100km on a single charge.

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Brand: Doohan
Saddle height: 750 mm
Battery life (up to): 45 km
Battery: 1 battery
Battery capacity: 26 Ah
Maximum load: 160 kg
Easel: Central
Tyre dimensions: Front tyres 80/100-12x2 - Back tyres 120/70.12
Turn signal: Front; Rear
Brake (front/rear): Disc with 160 mm double-piston caliper/Disc with 190 mm double-piston caliper
Engine: Brushless Bosch
Pace: 1250 mm
Battery weight: 9 kg
Total weight: 99 kg
Power: 1500 W
Battery charging time: 6 h
Battery voltage: 60V - 26AH*2
Type of lighting: Front and rear LEDs
Battery type: 18650 ternary lithium battery
Max speed: 45 km/h

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