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NGS2 2.8

SKU: RV088001

NGS2 2.8 has a top speed of 45 km/h: just enough to give you all the freedom you want... travel on all urban routes with a range of up to 87 km. It loves to show its personality, the kind you won't forget. NGS2 2.8 connects its grand design with the most modern concept of mobility: digital display with connectivity module, Bluetooth communication with dedicated App

€ 4.590,00

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Brand: Askoll
Saddle height: 760 mm
Battery life (up to): 87 km
Battery: 2 batteries
Battery capacity: Max. 2.800 Wh
Maximum load: 260 kg
Easel: Central
Torque: 158 Nm (to the wheel)
Dashboard: Digital - multicolor
Tyre dimensions: Front tyres 90 / 80 - 16” - Back tyres 110 / 10 - 16”
Turn signal: Front; Rear
Brake (front/rear): Hydraulic disk 190 mm
Engine: Askoll brushless permanent magnet electric motor
Pace: 1.245 mm
Battery weight: Max 7,6 kg
Total weight: 81 kg
Power: 2.700 W
Reverse gear: Yes
Suspension: Hydraulic telescopic fork/Mono shock absorber
Frame: Two-seater - Steel tubular
Battery charging time: 6 hours
Battery voltage: 54 V - 26,1 Ah
Type of lighting: Led
Battery type: Lithium-ion
Transmission: Pulley w/ poly-V belt
Max speed: 45 km/h

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