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WOW 774

SKU: W10S00100

WOW 774 is the perfect e-scooter for everyday urban life, agile and nippy it moves easily through even the busiest city streets. Its electric motor offers a top speed of 45km/h with a maximum range of as much as 80km for just over 100kg in weight.

€ 4.970,00

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Brand: Wow
Saddle height: 785mm
Battery life (up to): 80 km
Battery: 2 batteries
Battery capacity: 32 AH
Easel: Central and side
Tyre dimensions: 100/80 r16 / 120/80 r16
Turn signal: Front; Rear
Brake (front/rear): brake disc Ø 220mm
Engine: Sincrono brushless
Battery weight: 17kg
Total weight: 108-111kg
Power: 4000 w
Reverse gear: Yes
Suspension: 36mm shafts fork /Mono shock absorber
Frame: Steel double cradle type
Battery charging time: 4-5 h
Battery voltage: 72 V
Type of lighting: Full led
Transmission: by belt
Max speed: 45 km/h

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